HOMETOWN TRIP JAPAN | Travel Agency in Komoro City, Nagano HOMETOWN TRIP JAPAN – A Journey into the Lesser-Known Japan

A Journey into the Lesser-Known Japan


A Journey into the Lesser-Known Japan

Focused on introducing our clients to authentic Japanese culture and lifestyles, Hometown Trip Japan (HTTJ) specialises in local experience travel in a beautiful rural location in Nagano Prefecture.

HTTJ provides unique local-lifestyle-focused tour content in and around Komoro City. Located just 90 mins from Tokyo or 30 mins from Karuizawa, Komoro is abundant in natural beauty and traditional Japanese culture.

HTTJ also supplies a range of business consultation services, including tourism promotion, travel guidance, hospitality training, and translation.



Inbound Travel Contents, Tour Design and Tour Coordination

Tailor-made Inbound Trips HTTJ will help you to design special travel content and tours with our rich experience in the tourism industry and extensive network of local businesses and personnel. HTTJ provides: Tailor-made travel content, adventure tours, school trips, farm stays and home stays, MICE.


Consultation Services

HTTJ provides a range of tourism consultation services, including tourism promotion, travel guidance and hospitality training.


Translation and Interpretation

HTTJ has extensive experience in supplying translation and interpreter services in various languages - including for websites, pamphlets, restaurants and tour guidance.


[2days 1 night] Guided Komoro Castle, Hokkokukaido Komoro Post Town; and Nunobiki Kan’non "Haiku" Walk

During this 1 night, 2 day trip, you can explore the unique 400 year-old history of Komoro Castle (one of Japan’s top 100 castles) and Hokkokukaido Komoro Juku post town from the Edo Period (1603-1868) on Day1, and trace the footpath of Zenko-ji Temple pilgrims at Nunobiki Kan’non on Day 2. Day 2 walking to Nunobiki Kan'non, you can try making "haiku" Japanese poet! Your tour will be led by a friendly local English-speaking guide who loves to spend time with travelers!

[2days 1 night] Guided Mt. Asama Ancient Pilgrim Trek

Mt. Asama (2,568m) is one of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains and has been place of worship and pilgrimage since ancient times. This is a special special tour, guided by local professional mountaineers, where you can re-trace the history of Mt. Asama and the paths that pilgrims once took to reach this holy mountain.

Harvesting & Local Food Cooking

This is a great fun program especially for families! . Located in highland with one of the highest sunny weather rates in Japan, Komoro is known for a good production site of variety of highland vegetables, fruits, buckwheat, potatoes etc. In this program, you can enjoy harvesting seasonal ingredients and cook these with a guidance of local cooking teacher. The item for harvesting and cooking menu will be suggested from us according to your interest and seasonal factors.

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Akira Morita
(Hometown Trip Japan Co-President)

Originally from Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture, Akira was drawn to Komoro by the rugged allure of Mount Asama. While working at the Komoro Tourism Bureau, he became responsible for developing travel content, tours and promotions.

Akira is a licensed mountain guide (by the Japan Mountain Guides Association), and devotes much of his time demonstrating the importance of natural, sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyles. Apart from his position at HTTJ, Akira works for a foster home and a welfare facility.

Hikaru Nishijima
(Hometown Trip Japan Co-President)

Hikaru is a native daughter of Komoro City. After having studied in Tokyo and in England, she became a consultant for a Japanese Overseas Development Agency and worked in Africa and Asia with a variety of international organizations. Upon her return to Komoro, Hikaru helped to establish the Komoro Tourism Bureau, and worked on developing travel content, tours and promotions.

At HTTJ, Hikaru creates inbound travel content and tours, and also acts as an English guide. Outside of HTTJ, Hikaru works with local women in Komoro to manage a business producing handicrafts from up-cycled Japanese kimonos.


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